Shattered Might Work

Bullius Caesar - Shattered Might

Merchant - Shattered Might

Lion God - Shattered Might

Deer God - Shattered Might

Demented God - Shattered Might

Shattered Might Work

These are some models I did for Livid Games' platformer: Shattered Might. Shattered Might was a 2.5D platformer in development from 2015 to early 2017. The development of the game was put on indefinite hiatus in February of 2017. I was in charge of modeling all of the characters within the game, but I also helped create 3D props and set pieces for the environment, as well as simple rigs and animations for some enemies. The game was developed in Unity 5. Most of the models, excluding the player character models, were made in mid to late 2016 with concepts by our concept artist, Marius Millar ( The backdrops for the images were made by one of our environment artists, Alex Sepulveda (

The process for each model varied: towards the end of the project I worked a lot in zbrush to get our shapes down, created a low poly of of that, and textured in 3DCoat and Photoshop.